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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

+ Q: How does 3Fun work?

+ Q: How do couples create accounts on 3Fun?

+ Q: Can I chat with matches for free?

+ Q: What is the Priority Message?

+ Q: How do I get more matches?

+ Q: Some of my conversations disappeared, why?

+ Q: How does Activity work?

+ Q: How do you protect my privacy?

+ Q: Why does it ask me to edit "Preferences" while I am browsing profiles?

+ Q: Why do I fail to get my photo verified?

+ Q: How to grant access to my location?

+ Q: Can I upload a private photo instead of public photo and get it verified?

+ Q: How do I delete the photos in my public/private albums?

+ Q: I can't log in / I forget my password.

+ Q: Why do I get the notification that my photo has been verified, but actually it has not?

+ Q: Why is my photo removed? Why is the order of my photos changed?

+ Q: Why do I get the notification that someone likes me or sent me a message, but after I opened the app, there was nothing?

+ Q: Why do I get blocked?

+ Q: How do I deactivate/reactivate my account?

+ Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

+ How to fix the connection error problem in the UK?

+ Q: How To Practice Safe Threesome?