- After you register an account on 3Fun, we will show you some recommended profiles based on your preferences for matches.

- You need to upload a public or private photo to Like or Pass these recommended profiles by tapping the "Heart" button or "X" button.

- If you like someone and he/she Likes you back, you get a match(mutual like) and you can find him/her at: Bottom navigation bar > Prospects > Matches.

Yes, you can chat with MATCHES(MUTUAL LIKES) for free.

Activity is a new feature where your matches can like and comment on your Public/Private photos/About me/Private Details. With more likes and comments, you will find more mutual friends.

You can choose to share your Public Photos/Private Photos/About me/Private Details in Settings.

In order to use 3Fun, you'll need to grant access to your device's location.

On iPhone: go to your iOS settings > 3Fun > Location

On Android: go to your phone’s Settings > Apps > 3Fun > Permissions > Location

On 3Fun Online (Go3Fun.co): this process will differ depending on the browser and platform (desktop vs. mobile) you're using.

-- Chrome (desktop): At the top right, click More (three dots icon) > Settings > Advanced > Privacy & Security > Content Settings > Location. Here, you can block or allow a site access to your location.
-- Safari (desktop): Click Safari at the top of your screen > Preferences > select the Privacy tab > Website use of location services > make sure that “Prompt for each website once a day” is checked. Go back to Go3Fun.co and allow 3Fun access to your location.
-- Safari (iOS): First, please make sure you're not in private browsing mode since Safari will automatically block location services while in this mode. Next, go to your iOS Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Safari and make sure you've allowed Safari access to your location "While Using the App".
-- Firefox (desktop): Go to Go3Fun.co > tap the information icon next to the website URL > Permissions > Location.

Here are two different types of couple accounts:

1.Share one couple account:
- When you sign up on 3Fun, you can choose Male+Female, Male+Male, Female+Female to set up a couple account with both your information.
- You and your partner can log into the one couple account.
In this way, you and your partner can share all messages, connections on different devices.

2.Use two separate linked accounts:
- Go to the Invite your partner page, your partner can scan the QR code on the invitation page to link your profiles, or one of you send an invitation link to your partner to link both your profiles as Couple.
It will be more convenient with two separate linked profiles to chat with others.

3. If you've chosen two separate linked accounts and would like to change to one couple account, you can:
1). Unlink your separate linked account with your partner.
2). Go to My Profile -> I am/ we are a section, set your gender as Male + Female Couple and complete your information.
3). After that, we suggest you add a login method so both you and your partner can log into the same account.

Yes, you can choose to upload a private photo and get it verified. We care much about our users' privacy. With private photo only, you can also browse, Like or Pass other profiles.

Please go to My profile > Manage public/private photo, then tap the photo you want to delete and follow the tips in the pop-up window. However, you have to keep at least one public/private photo to get more attention and matches.

- To deactivate your account, please go to "My profile > Settings > Account" page.

- After deactivating your account, all your account info., profile info. and messages will be kept on our app for six months(but no one can see your profile or contact you), then all the info. will be removed from our app permanently.

- During the six months, your account will be automatically reactivated after logging in with the same account information.

A: Block Contacts is a new feature where you can share your device’s contact list with 3Fun, select a contact you want to block, and we’ll do our best to prevent you from seeing each other.

Important notes about this feature:
- Blocked contacts won’t be notified that you blocked them
- Blocking someone doesn’t mean they have a 3Fun account
- Blocking contacts doesn’t affect your existing matches or messages
- If the contact info you use to block someone doesn’t match the info they used to sign up, we won’t be able to stop you from seeing each other
- You can stop sharing contacts with the Block Contacts feature in your 3Fun settings
- If you don’t want to grant access to your contacts, we offer a manual contact entry option

If you opt-in to the feature, we use your contact list so that you can quickly and easily select contacts you’d like to avoid on 3Fun. Each time you visit Block Contacts, we’ll pull your list of contacts from your device so that you can pick who you would like to block. When you leave the feature, we’ll only keep the contact information for the people you have blocked (name, email and/or phone number). We’ll use this information to help prevent you from seeing your blocked contacts and from them seeing you (assuming they created an account with the same contact info you uploaded).

We understand that your personal information and privacy are important to you, and want you to know they’re important to us too. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more info about privacy practices.

It’s easy! Share the contact list from your device to 3Fun, and pick the contacts you want to block:
- Open 3Fun and tap the profile icon
- Go to “Settings”
- Scroll down and select “Block Contacts”
- Grant 3Fun permission to access your contacts
- Under the “Contacts” tab, select people you want to avoid from your contact list
- Tap "Block Contacts"
Each time you use the feature, we’ll pull your list of contacts from your device so that you can pick who you’d like to block. we’ll only keep the contacts information for the people you have blocked (name, email and/or phone number).

Yes. If you’d rather not share your contacts with 3Fun, or if you want to block someone who isn’t saved in your contact list, you can manually add contact info. Here’s how:

- Open 3Fun and tap the profile icon
- Go to “Settings”
- Scroll down and select “Block Contacts”
- Then, tap the + icon at the top of the screen
- Input this person’s contact info and tap “Done”

To unblock a contact in the Block Contacts feature, follow these steps:

- Open 3Fun and tap the profile icon
- Go to “Settings”
- Scroll down and select “Block Contacts”
- Navigate to the “Blocked” tab
- Tap “Unblock” next to each blocked contact that you wish to unblock, or tap the menu icon in the top right-hand corner and select “Unblock All” if you wish to unblock all blocked contacts.

If you want to turn off sharing between this feature and your device’s contact list, follow the instructions below:

- Follow steps 1 - 3 above
- Tap the menu icon in the top right-hand corner
- Select “Disconnect Contact List”

Disconnecting your contact list won’t change your current list of blocked contacts. For your privacy, we’ll keep those contacts blocked, until you tell us to unblock them.

Priority Message is a new feature where you can write something special and send it to other users who haven’t matched with you yet to stand out and get more matches. VIP users can send 5 different users 5 messages in total a day.

Deactivating/Deleting your profile doesn’t cancel your subscription. All the payments go to iTunes/Google Play and we are unable to cancel the free trial/subscription for you while it requires your store account and password, only the app user(yourself) can do it at any time.

If you subscribed using your Apple ID, please follow the tips below to cancel your subscription:
1.Go to your iPhone Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store
2.Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen, then tap View Apple ID (you might need to sign in)
3.Scroll and tap on Subscriptions
4.Tap the subscription that you want to manage
5.Tap Cancel Subscription
Note: For more details about cancellation, please visit this Apple Support article.

If you subscribed using your Google Play Store account, please follow the tips below to cancel your subscription:
    Open the Google Play Store app.
    Using the left hand menu, select 'Account'.
    Go to 'Subscriptions' and select '3Fun'
    Select Cancel or Unsubscribe.

- Pick one of your best clear photos as your first public photo/profile photo.

- Upload more attractive photos to your Public/Private albums.

- Get your photo verified to let others know you are real.(Private photos can also get verified by us.)

- Try to Like as many profiles as possible to increase the chances.

- Write more in "About me" to introduce yourself (and your partner).

It says a photo speaks more than a thousand words. Choosing the right photos to get a good first impression is very important when creating a 3Fun account to present yourself in your photos as an attractive and trustworthy human and to make more authentic Connections. Meanwhile, all your photos will be secured on 3Fun( Learn how we protect your privacy )

You may need some help, that’s why we are here to help you to choose the best photos by referring to some researches and checking feedbacks from our members:

DO - we recommend doing these things to maximise the impact of your profile:

- Show your face, if you feel comfortable doing so. Even you are not comfortable to show your full face, showing a part of it can be a good start to help you get more matches as well.

- Upload recent photos of yourself, make sure you are the only one or couple.

- Show the activities you enjoy doing

- Confidence in yourself is sexy.

- Use high-quality photos, taken with good light.

- Profiles with more than 3 photos get more Likes.

DON'T - we can't accept these photos on profiles:

- Don't post nudity, lingerie, or other sexualised body parts, even if they're covered. No sex acts, even if simulated! Likewise, no photos, images, cartoons, illustrations or other artwork of sex acts, real or simulated. Unfortunately, sex toys, fetish gear and ropes and rope play aren't allowed.

- Don't just upload photos to the private album, nobody can see them until you match them and give them access to your private photos.

- Don't upload photos of kids, even if you're in the photo with them.

- Don't upload anything illegal or questionable.

- No photos of other humans, including celebrities or politicians (unless, of course, you're the person in the photo).

- No photos of guns, weapons or illegal drugs

- No self-harm, blood (or other bodily fluids), violence against other humans or animals, or any images, symbols or statements that are racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic or in any way bigoted, offensive and/or discriminatory.

- No solicitation, advertisement, or promotion of any kind. We are not able to approve any promotional material, including CashApp, OnlyFans, Premium Snapchat, and more on 3Fun.

We understand that you want to upload photos you’d like to share on 3Fun, but what 3Fun tries to deliver is a sex-positive community where people are safe & open to explore their sexuality and desire. Besides, we are constrained by laws and rules that limit the type of images that can be shared publicly on apps like ours. If we did not comply with these rules, our app could be banned from the App Store and Play Store.

This is not a comprehensive list of content that we don't allow, and we reserve the right to take down other photos that we consider inappropriate or forbidden. Please note that uploading prohibited content may result in a temporary or permanent block from 3Fun.

Get to Know the Other Person

Keep your communications limited to the platform and really get to know users online/using the app before meeting them in person. Bad actors often push people to communicate off the platform immediately. It’s up to you to research and do your due diligence.

Do STD Checking

Prior to the threesome, all of you should discuss what sexual boundaries there will be during the threesome, as well as your STD status. Everyone should agree on what protection will be used and how. People who have been recently tested for STDs can present their clean bill of health. Perhaps you all will agree to be tested prior to the threesome.

Use Condom

For any sexual encounter, all participants should wear a condom. Everyone should use some form of barrier. It is also important to use new protection when switching partners during the threesome. As part of the preparation for a threesome, someone or several people should ensure an adequate supply of condoms are readily available.

Learn More:https://www.go3fun.co/threesome-blog/prevent-stds-when-you-are-enjoying-a-threesome/

We’re trying our best efforts to ensure that the information submitted to us remain private and safe on our app.

- All your photos are private by default, we also secure your photos with presigned URLs.

- All your data has been secured and stored on Amazon US.

Meanwhile, you can do the followings to protect your privacy:

- In "Blocked Contacts" under "Settings", you may choose to select people from your contact list that you don’t want to see or be seen by on 3Fun.

- In "Incognito Mode" under "Settings", you may choose to hide from other, only people you’ve liked can see you.

- You may upload clear photos to your private album which can be seen by your mutual matches only after you give them access to the private photos.

- In "Show Me On 3Fun" under "Settings", you may choose to hide your profile to make sure nobody can see you in the card, only your matches can see and chat with you.

- In "Don’t Show My Distance" under "Settings" , you may choose to hide your distance from others.

You have to strictly follow our photo verification requirements to get your photo verified:

- If you are a couple, ensure that your FIRST public photo or FIRST private photo shows your face clearly. No sunglasses.
- Ensure both you two are in the verification photo, then take a clear selfie with the thumb-up gesture. The verification photo won't be visible to any other users.

- If you are single, ensure that your FIRST public photo or FIRST private shows your face clearly and you are the only one in the photo. No sunglasses.
- Go to photo verification page, take a clear selfie with the thumb-up gesture and send it to us for review. It WON’T be visible to any other users.
If you still have problem to get your photo verified, please contact us at: support@go3fun.co.

It may take a while for the photo verification status to refresh. If it still does not work, you may log out the app and log in to check the status again.

We review all profiles and photos manually. During the review, we will set the clearest and most attractive one as your Profile Photo to help you get more matches. And we will also remove the photos which do not comply with our Terms of Use.

When there are no more recommended profiles, this page will show up. In such situation, we would suggest you edit the filter options like Age, Distance and so on to expand the search range and get more recommended profiles.

You may request to reset the password. Here are the steps:

Login Page -> Tap the ? icon in the Password item -> Reset Password Page -> Input your registered email -> Check your email box -> Click the resetting link -> Input your new password.

Mainly the reasons are:

- You uploaded fake or inappropriate verification photo.(If you do not upload verification photo, your account may also get blocked.)

- You uploaded nude photos to your profile album.

- You sent out certain inappropriate messages.

- Your age is younger than 18.

- If you also liked this member, he/she will appear on Prospects > Matches page.

- Maybe you just passed this member, so he/she will not appear again.

- Every day thousands of new members are joining 3Fun and many users find matches very quickly on our app. If you do not check our app timely, the user who likes you or sent you a message may have already found match and left our app.

- Some users might be removed from our app due to the violation of our Terms of Use.

You can go to your Profile page and click "I'm/We are a" section to change your gender.